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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Simply, the Goodwood revival 2012

Ok, I have been to Goodwood, finally.

This post is about it, and it is not supposed to be a report, or a photo shooting exhibition. There are quite good enough guys out there for that I believe, Sports Car Digest being the top one maybe. You can also enjoy some pictures I have taken at the event browsing my Facebook page, which I am not advertising as I should.

So this post is to tell my story about the Revival. To tell you all, very clearly, that I understood something close to nothing about that before I moved to Chichester last Sunday: now I can admit that. While I was expecting to yawn and sadly hang out around the circuit waiting for the RAC TT to take place, then the Revival came in, right after the entrance, or even before my first step in.

I was getting closer and closer to the main entrance, and I started feeling bad, totally uncomfortable in my Italian-styled modern outfit: the elegance or men and women, the make-up, hair dressing, hats, made me suddenly realize what the Revival actually means. It's a romantic adventure, it's a 360 degrees experience, while it has almost nothing to do with racing per se.

Or maybe not?

I'll be back on the event and what it meant for me in a bit, but I am so excited about the TT RAC and the Roy Salvadori Memorial that I can't wait to tell you more about them.

The TT RAC is simply the best racing event I have ever attended. And this is not only due to the unbelievable quality of the competitors' car, the famous 300 M Pounds line-up. It is all about the spirit. TT RAC Drivers, either being the owners of the cars or not, are heroes. They jump in their multi million cars, and they race. They properly race! attendees can see them drifting, braking, smoking, boiling, bumping into each other and even crashing their 4 wheeled jewels to the final win, to the best lap, the the fastest time. This is truly unbelievable, something I can't properly express in my poor English (and I would struggle in Italian, too!). The aspect I like the most is that attending this kind of event, admiring these heroes, made me think that I totally quote one of my father's top recommendations he shared with me since the first time he brought me to a classic car event: "don't be jealous, don't envoy the owners: there is no point about that; you just have to thank them for not keeping their cars secretly stored in a garage! Just ask them to push on the accelerator, to make some noise, to share their feeling, and be happy about your chance to make their feelings yours. And maybe one day you'll do the same!". That's so true... I was so happy to see them driving like crazy all over the circuit, leaving their cars open to the public in the paddocks, discussing with many passionate people over the event, be, in one word, conscious of the patrimony they could share with the crowd.

The Memorial Salvadori was just a bit less exciting, as the oil left by the GTs during the TT did not seem to allow the drivers to push and drift as much. However, the sunset light was perfect, whether was getting even better, and the noise of the Le Mans cars was terrific.

To be honest, I don't even know who won the competition, as - let me be a bit cheesy here - they were all winners to me.  

Back to the event in this random stream of consciousness, I am still a bit shocked by what I saw. Comparing the Revival with the Italian classic cars event I have been to,I think there is an enormous gap to be filled here. The Revival was, as said, voted to period clothing, flavors and costumes. First thing I noted, men and women were almost equally distributed. I believe that hair dressing and beauty salons help in this regard, and that's exactly the point! the Revival is a family event, anyone can join regardless he/she is a motoring fanatic or not. Even the sponsors contributed to recreate a back to the 40s environment, and I think that's a sign of far-sightedness. The period Tesco by the way, that was amazing, so well done!

Food was great, cars excellent, fun at max level, and whether was, standing at UK standards, acceptable:-).

I a definitely ready to come back to Goodwood soon!

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