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Monday, 23 April 2012

Happy Brit(h)day!

Dear Gentlemen drivers,

On April the 4th it was my birthday (no more silly misspelling I promise :-). I turned 32 and I also reached 1000 users of this blog, quite a good achievement in a quite a memorable day!

To celebrate these overlapping events, I tried to draft a new blog post but I was overwhelmed by the happenings in real life, which sometimes do not let you freely take care of your own passions: my employer, in fact, decided to announce the dismissal of quite a lot of employees around the globe, making me realize all of a sudden how lucky I am now, having a good job during the day and writing a fancy post about British classics by night, and how lost I could have been in a second, if that layoff just hit me, and my family as a consequence.

Of course, I also realized what an unfortunate coincidence that was and how grotesque, absurd and embarrassing it was to have a b-day cake with me in the office premises, ready to be shared with my colleague - which I eventually avoided.

Anyway, that's gone now (or for now?) and I can start going back to my routine with even more enthusiasm than ever. By the way, I just found another weird British Brand to talk about, but that will happen in a separate post later on this week.

This one was just imagined and drafted to the pure sake of sharing with you a bit of my personal life, celebrating with you all, and perhaps trying to stop the clock for a second. Engines will be switched on again very soon.

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