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Monday, 6 February 2012

Morgan Website facelift

Morgan Motor Company has rolled out today its brand new Website, which looks simply gorgeous. Very user friendly, easy to navigate and full of giant HD pictures smoothly introducing you to the world of one of the most beloved UK manufacturers. As everyone knows, Morgan is the only producer being able to mix retro-styled cars with futuristic items like the Aero, or the slightly hidden Eva GT (picture), a batmobile concept whose production I am really looking forward for. However, if I had 25k GBP to spend in an already fully equipped garage, I would certainly pick the three-wheeler: absolutely unique and it should be a superb fun to drive, too. As I haven't 25k to burn, but rather some time to be dedicated to my passion, I spent a few minutes on the Car Configurator, which in my opinion is among the most complete and entertaining available online today. Lot of features, options, accessories to be chosen, an incredible variety of colors and any possible Social Media button to share your creation with friends and relatives on any possible website. I started with the Roadster, waiting to build up my Aero as soon as it will be made available, and I am really proud of my green-on-green baby with wooden steering wheel and leather bonnet stripe.

How will yours look like?

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