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Monday, 9 January 2012

The trick to make this blog a cool place to visit on the Internet: you

Ladies and Gentlemen, I think I finally decided how I can turn this blog into a proper speakers' corner, as it was in my plans since the beginning.

My simple idea would be to talk more and more about people rather than sticking to events reports: ideally, I would like this little spot to become a nice place on the Internet where everyone can explain how (s)he interacts with the classic cars world. Obviously, some high-profile and under-the-spotlight events like Silverstone Classics or Goodwood will always have visibility here, I just cannot avoid talking about them!

If you are a collector, I would like you to tell me how you chose, bought or restored your car, how you found it, or made it shine again after years of storage at granpa's garage.

Or maybe, your passion has even become a profession: hence, why don't you tell us your story? How you achieved your dream, quit your desk at local Bank and started taking pictures, drawing, writing, or selling and restoring (GB, preferably) cars.

Anyone interested to be the first? a quick & written interview, some pics or videos at your choice and voila, we'll get started! come on, show off a bit :-)

You can find me at brit.gasoline@yahoo.com

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